Strategies for building Positive Classrooms

Read this interesting article by Carol Gerber Allred. The abstract here: This article outlines seven strategies that compose the Positive Classroom program, which has been in existence for 26 years and has been implemented in more than 13,000 schools. Teachers can build positive classrooms by (1) making learning relevant, (2) creating a classroom code of conduct, (3)... Continue Reading →


If you’re feeling low, set an atmosphere

How to feel better when you are overwhelmed and full of grading and planning? First, it is important to set the atmosphere. How? Well, what I have learned from the Danish is that any environment is better with candles or lights. Yup! Any kind works and it is way better if they come in different shapes... Continue Reading →


Mudras are the acupuncture from Buddhists and Yoguis. You press certain points of your hand with your fingertips in different positions. It is what people do with their hands while they meditate, but mudras are not restricted to meditation. You can use them for different purposes, like pain relief, insomnia, weight loss, etc. These pressure... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness as a tool when the teacher’s mind is full

What is mindfulness? Well, I'm not going to define it from a dictionary and not even gonna say that it means meditation. I'll rather say what I know: It is a state of mind where the mind is full of the situation that is happening in a specific moment, that means that you are fully... Continue Reading →


Whilst Positive Psychology (whose most famous exponentials are Seligman and Friedrickson) focuses mainly on the principles of Hedonism for well-being, which are related to feeling good and avoiding pain through taking care of yourself, Maslow's hierarchy of needs follows the principle from Eudaimonism from the ancient Greeks. Both Positive Psychology and the hierarchy of needs... Continue Reading →

Finding joy in the old ways

PHOTOS. Nowadays you can take out your cellphone and take a picture or use a digital camera and if you don't like what you see you can delete it and retake in a second, but does immediacy make us actually happier? Not quite sure. Therefore, I recommend plastic cameras to capture some special moments. Why... Continue Reading →

The earth laughs in flowers

"The earth laughs in flowers," said Emerson once and Monet wanted to have some for himself every day. I totally agree with them because I actually think the presence of flowers is a must in our lives, but we certainly forget this due to our hectic lives. Do these men have something in common? Maybe... Continue Reading →

The Teacher’s Hedonic adaptation and how to get rid of it

Let me tell you about my friend the angry cat. Well, this friend of mine has become bored with everything he has in his life. He recognizes he owns a flourishing life, though he is unable to enjoy it because he became used to living it. This is like what happens when you are in... Continue Reading →

The negativity bias

According to Hanson (2012), negative events tend to stick way better than positive ones and this is because of our ancestors. If we go back to the times when dinosaurs were happily enjoying armageddons and stuff, we'll find out that for our ancestors it was a matter of survival that negative events stuck harder, because... Continue Reading →

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