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Mudras — 12 Jun 2018


Mudras are the acupuncture from Buddhists and Yoguis. You press certain points of your hand with your fingertips in different positions. It is what people do with their hands while they meditate, but mudras are not restricted to meditation. You can use them for different purposes, like pain relief, insomnia, weight loss, etc. These pressure points have to do with the Ayurveda Vata, Pitta, Kapha Doshas. So, be careful with the mudras you use because it can affect you differently depending on your Dosha type. Here are some examples:

Child of the Universe — 3 Jun 2018

Child of the Universe

Hey, Child of the Universe! Don’t forget that the Universe has your back, you’re 93% stardust and from all the possibilities that could have been, you are one of them! There’s no doubt that you’re here to unfold in full. Bloom where you’re planted, be like a cactus! I know you think you’re a human being, but let me tell you… You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while, as someone once said. We are all expressions from the same universe; we are just dendrites from the same axon, or if you prefer, neurons from the same brain. We are all interconnected, but unaware, so our frequencies are mixed.

We sometimes find each other, though, and we have the feeling of uniqueness, of wholeness, of purpose, of completion. We, of course, don’t understand how this works because we are given a tabula rasa to begin our lives in here or to re-live them? Who knows?, but I’m sure we picked much of this life we have, before birth. We are a quantum monad, but one that is torn into pieces and we are all trying to figure out how to match the puzzle pieces again. We will never finish the puzzle in this life as there’s no chance for a piece of paper that was torn into one thousand pieces to go back to its initial state, however, we can resonate and understand that we are here as an expression of life, not as a human being. We aren’t a body, we just have one.


What do you think about me? —

What do you think about me?

Let me tell you that whatever you think about me is not my business, whether you let me know it or not. I won’t care. Do you think I’m successful? Do you think I’m not? Guess what, whatever you think about me is a reflection of you that you see in myself. I am a mirror and as a mirror, I can’t have an opinion or feelings about what you think of yourself, I’m just your reflection. On the other hand, I recommend that whatever opinion you may have, you think it through love. I know there are some people you don’t like, of course, but what if instead of reflecting all of the bad qualities you see in them, you started thinking about what they have right? What are they good at? Do you like the hair? Maybe the jacket? Maybe the voice? Maybe the name? I’m sure you can find one good thing and if you start with even one good thing, it will be the beginning of your new vibe.

Brick wall art in Melbourne reads "Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it"

Your frequency will raise and when it does, not only the energy from the universe flows to you, but through you and you attract and reflect good things. Appreciation will benefit you in many ways, and it’s even more powerful when you force yourself to do it with something or someone you can’t stand. Then, you’ll realize that the things you didn’t like about that situation or person in the first place were all about you. So, don’t forget thath what others think about you will never be your problem, but theirs. After knowing this, I invite you to look at me again, what do you see?

Tourist looking through a viewfinder on a windy day in New York City

I’ll leave you with a mantra to release old patterns attached to ego, jealousy, and aggression. It isn’t necessary that you listen to the whole audio, you could even recite it yourself. What makes the mantras work is the vibration of the sounds, frequency, you know.

Mantra on YouTube


People with many passions —

People with many passions

What do you do when you like more than one thing to work in life? What if those things aren’t interconnected? What if they are? How do you choose? What if you don’t choose and do them all? Then, what about money? Are you alright if you think like this? Why can’t you stick to anything? Is that so difficult? Why some people seem to be clear since they’re children about what they want to be when they grow up and some others have many interests? What if you are not good at only one thing, but many more? What do you do if the career that once brought joy, now doesn’t anymore? Which path to follow, your interests or your current job and get promoted? Why is it so hard to take the first step to quit the job you hate and for others seem so easy? What kind of support are you waiting for? What excuse will you make in order to keep your dreams from coming true? How many years do you need in order to make a decision? Are you happy? Do you prefer your comfort zone?


Let me tell you a real fact, one day, you won’t be here anymore and you’ll regret it if you don’t take the leap of faith. You can choose an umbrella career or many different ones that make you feel glad you’re alive, or you can get your mind rotten by depression. Life is short, even if you recognize it or not, death is constantly haunting you and in the end, it will get you, whether you want it or not, whether you’re prepared or not, whether you’ve fulfilled your dreams or not. If you don’t make your dreams come true, others will do it for you and you’ll be another spectator in the Life show, which from the Steppenwolf it is a magic theatre for madmen only, and the price of admission is your mind.


Calendar & Planning — 31 May 2018

Calendar & Planning

Check this happiness challenge calendar from Liz Nieman’s blog. Click on the link below!

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